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REVIEW TIME: Colourpop: Ultra Satin Lip

19 Mar

Are these worth your time and $$?




What are they? A moussey, opaque liquid lipstick

Longevity: They wear fairly long, until you eat any vinegar, oil, excessive napkin wiping. Drink with a straw ladies!

Pigmentation: Really good!

Texture: This is also nice. It doesn’t feel as dry as the ultra mattes, but you’re sacrificing staying power.

Worth the buy? If you really really like the colors, I’d say go for it. From the ones I bought, I’m especially digging Toolips and Mess Around. I regret not buying Frick n Frack.

My Rating: B+

Here are the swatches:


top left to right: trap, kapow, teeny tiny.                                                                                                   bottom left to right: marshmallow, mess around, too lips

Here is a look I did with Mess Around. I used M.A.C.’s Chestnut liner. I’d say that it’s much cooler then Chestnut and I may try Cork next time.


Here is Mess Around!

I really like the color. It’s fairly unique. I especially like how pigmented it is.

What do you guys think?














I’m a Magician/PLEASE VOTE

4 Mar

My apologies for my disappearing act. I meant to post last week, but life happened. I was planning on continuing with the zodiac series. But before I do that, I wanted to ask what kind of reviews/swatches you wanted to hear from me.

Vote in the comments below please!

  1. Burberry Velvet Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

I have three colors that are great for spring.

2. My TOP Favorite Highlighters / Iluminators: Review and Swatches


2016: the year of the glow!

3. Colour pop Ultra Satins: Review and Swatches


I have three currently: Mess Around, Toolips, and Marshmallow. Thinking about purchasing others.

4. Your Request

So what’ll it be folks? Burberry? Highlighters? Colour Pop? Other?


30 Days of Makeup Challenge

8 Nov
North Carolina Makeup Artist

hello world! time for a vote!

i’m going to do 30 days of makeup on Instagram starting December 2nd and i want to come up with a theme for it. let me know if you want me to post on word press.

SO i want to hold a vote.

1. 30 days of holiday makeup (ranging from very natural to dramatic)


holiday makeup.

2. 30 days of smokey eye makeup (ranging from natural to dramatic)


smokey eye.

3. 30 days of rainbow makeup (i will do a range of analogous to full spectrum which will include muted to true vivid colors)


rainbow makeup.

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