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Video Game Launch Kit Completed

31 Mar








Update: Video Game Launch, more progress

14 Mar

I’ve made more progress on my Mario Kart 64 video game launch kit. It has been an interesting journey so far with much trial an error, but I would have to say that I have been enjoying myself. I hope that you enjoy.

What you see:
Under the top of the mushroom, a painted sky and the beautiful Princess Peaches crown.


nothing but blue skies underneath this mushroom top

What you see:
The entire mushroom
primed and painted with the proper sized white felted circles hand sewn on the jersey knit red fabric that was wrapped around stuffing and a styrofoam wreath


super mushroom!

what you see:
inside the mushroom (work in progress)
it has painted sides, a felted bottom, and the road is made of foam. and yes, those trees are legos. TM


down the ramp we go!

what you see:
a painted easter egg/yoshi’s egg. I had to buy white spray paint that specially bonds to plastic. Then I painted the green spots with a basic acrylic.


yoshi’s egg

what you see:
A trophy nestled on a foam platform. I painted a wooden box black and glue the carved out foam inside the box as well as gluing the top of the box to the bottom of the box, given it that podium effect.


1st prize!

Video Game Launch Kit In Progress

3 Mar

So far…

I have primed and painted the bottom of my mushroom box.

Made the mushroom part of the lid with styrofoam, stuffing, and a large bag, and some fabric I had lying around.

I have sewn the top spot on already (which is changeable), but I think I’m going to have to go get more white felt so that I can make bigger white dots


Video Game Launch Kit

1 Mar

I have an upcoming project that I’m pretty excited about. It is a video game launch it on Mario Kart 64, a little throw back for you 90s babies. I’ve compiled a list of all the things that I’ll be including in the kit.


  1. red “super mushroom” box (cylindrical box, red and white fabric for lid with LOTS of stuffing) 
  2. cars with the characters
  3. road made of gray foam (recycled)
  4. round trees around the track (because it’s a mushroom cup!)
  5. princess peach crown
  6. small clay banana peel
  7. lighting bolt keychain
  8. shell keychains: red, green, and blue
  9. trophy with multicolored confetti in it.
  10. racing flags
  11. buttons, mario kart 64 themed
  12. mario thumb drive
  13. painted easter egg to look like yoshi eggs. will contain buttons or other prizes.
  14. tiny blue mushroom
  15. contents tag