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SHADOW BATTLE: Viseart vs. MakeupGeek

2 Feb

SHADOW BATTLE: Viseart vs. MakeupGeek

Source: SHADOW BATTLE: Viseart vs. MakeupGeek


Viewers Choice: Holiday Makeup Challenge

19 Dec


Please comment below your choice!

I’m also don’t this poll on  my instagram (@beautybyburden) and my Facebook.

Thanks for participating!

Theresa Burden


30 Days of Makeup Challenge

8 Nov

Source: 30 Days of Makeup Challenge


90s Hip Hop Flyer

11 May

90s Hip Hop Flyer


90’s Hip Hop Dance Party Flyer

8 May

90's Hip Hop Dance Party Flyer

Does this make you want to dance, or what?


90s Hip Hop Party

6 May

90s Hip Hop Party

This is a flyer that I’ve been working on for a client that needs advertisement for a themed 90s Hip Hop Party.


Sunny Bunny Logo

4 Mar

Sunny Bunny Logo

Here is the Sunny Logo in a colored and Black and White version. A few things have been altered from the original thumbnail, but overall it has maintained the same concept, ideas, and forms. This organic company emphasizes the importance of the organic food and that they come purely from nature (not chemically altered) so the picture of a carrot sun and an animal (bunny) together are living in harmony. It is an important idea that must be portrayed to the buyer.