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Sunny Bunny Corporate Identity

7 Apr

PrintsunnybunnybusinesscardPrintPrint  Here is the final result of the corporate identity for Sunny Bunny.  I recently decided to narrow their business down to just juices and smoothies.  It made more sense since they were a small company.   I designed two different types of business cards, one for the company president (the head bunny if you will) and one for an employee that everyone would have.  Talking about each one individual, I like the way the envelope and the letterhead flow together without looking identical.  The carrots in the field makes it fun and playful and hopefully makes you hungry.  The letterhead looks slighty more business, but still has a little bit of funky playful edge in there.  Leaving out the sun on the presidents business card was an easy decision. The orange and blue go very well together. The brand is still well recognized because of the bunny.

**colors are not accurately portrayed in this post


Sunny Bunny Corporate Identity: Letterhead ideas

7 Apr

wordpresssbletterhead3wordpresssbletterhead2wordpresssbletterheadSunny Bunny letterhead.  I wanted to include the bunny, carrots, and sun in some way shape of fashion.  I went with a derivative  of one of these ideas.  Keeping the letterhead simple was important because you want to focus on what you are reading and not everything else going on on the paper.  On the other hand, you want the paper to be recognizable so that the reader can immediately recognize the brand.