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Nap Time Co Website

2 Apr

Nap Time Co Website

This is the research, informational, and merchandise website home page for Nap Time Co. I wanted it to look very professional, clean, modern, and easy to access. The layout I designed is very much like a newspaper, something you read before you take a nap!


Napping Merchandise

1 Mar

Napping Merchandise



Since Nap Time Co would have a website with articles and research on napping, I also wanted to include merchandise, which also added a bit of humor to the mix.


Napping… Not just for Babies

1 Feb

Napping... Not just for Babies

This is an infographic that is a part of a campaign I am creating for Napping/Nap Time Co, A company that researches napping and all of its restorative benefits. They also think that you shouldn’t nap too much, because too much of a good thing is never good.