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Ganzfeld Effect Book Cover (Final Edition)

3 Feb


Because I appreciated both the “bird eating the brain” idea and the “thought vomit” so much I decided to meld them together as one idea. I’m glad I did. I think the idea of the Ganzfeld Effect comes off stronger and this version is a lot creepier. I chose to isolate certain objects in color, as they have a great importance. The brain and the bird picking at the brain was a crucial portion of the picture, so having them in color against gray scale helped to have them stand it. It seemed natural for the words to pour into the moving objects. I think it helps with the flow of the picture. the objects or thoughts are coming out of the mans mouth, but wait the ganzfeld effect (the text) is being sucked in… there is a lot to take in on this book cover, but i was hoping that when i make it mixed in color and grayscale that it would be easier to navigate and also creepier.


Ganzfeld Effect – In the process

3 Feb


I narrowed the selection from the thumbnails to 5 (6 if you count the one that I did twice, but differently). I wanted something graphic in nature. Eye-catching, but also a cover that would describe the Ganzfeld process a little, so the inside jacket could essentially make sense of the cover. Out of all of these I would have to say that I care for the bird eating the brain and the one with the man “throwing up” his thoughts.


Ganzfeld Effect Thumbnails

20 Jan

Ganz1 Ganz2 Ganz3

One of these will potentially evolve into a book cover for the Ganzfeld Effect. I was going for the very surreal look in most. The Ganzfeld Effect is an Effect which uses sensory deprivation so that the body will hallucinate or experience the ability of telepathy. Building up something that was “Dali” like was my angle for this one. I wanted to include images of the brain, anamorphic, biomorphic, and organic shapes as these are shapes that could be experienced during the experiment. I thought it would be the most eye catching and interesting, while still remaining true to the subject.

Ganzfeld Effect Video