I’m Not Dead.

13 Apr

Hi. It’s been while! I’m not dead. I was just all wrapped up in some things and WordPress had to take a back seat..or a trunk, locked away in a suitcase with a key. OK ok, i pretty much left WordPress for dead. BUT….I’m back! Allow me to fill you in on my life….

It was over a year ago since my last post. I had been talking to you about product reviews and a zodiac series (which i am currently working on and i am very excited to reveal them all…i just have to finish them first).

Since that post back in March 2016, I have been quite busy

  1. I attended school and attained an Esthetician’s License
  2. Moved in a house for the first time and it has required A LOT of attention
  3. Got a new job working at a wig shop, which I will sadly say good bye to at the end of this month to focus on my career as a professional makeup artist

1.School was an interesting adventure. It was about 5 months, almost 40 hours a week, in a small classroom with 6 other females. You do the math. There were some rough times, but ultimately I met some very wonderful women and had an great teacher! I learned about facials, peel treatments, microdermabrasion, waxing, eye lash and brow tinting, and of course makeup sanitation and application. And I won’t stop there. In the beginning of way I am going to make my way up to  NYC to attend The Makeup Show. It is an event help for pros in the industry only! I am so excited to learn and meet others that share my same passion. I will keep you posted as this transpires.

The Makeup Show

2.Our home sweet ….WHAT THE HELL? Haha. We moved into a lovely home that I am very grateful for…but it does have quite a few quirks. Every bit of sweat and tears we put into it the better it gets. I look forward to the journey…maybe. haha. we can always sell if we get sick of it. I’m still unpacking by the way and it’s almost been a year. It never ends.


3.I got fantastic job at a high end wig shop. I assist cancer patients, people who are thinning, alopecia clients, and people just buying for fun. My makeup business has picked up so much that I am going to have to retire soon. It has been my favorite job that I have ever had (besides the Makeup Job, where I work for myself). I will miss the atmosphere but will keep in contact with the lovely ladies that work there.

Just a few...



One Response to “I’m Not Dead.”

  1. beautifulgirlies April 13, 2017 at 7:17 pm #

    I’ve just came back as well, struggling a bit to get my traffic back. Could you take a look at my latest?❤

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