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Got a beauty IG! Come join me!

21 Nov



ill be posting on wp too!

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And be sure to follow me on here, I will be leaving product information on each wordpress post for the 30 Days of Holiday Makeup.

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30 Days of Makeup Challenge Update!!! **MILD SPOILERS

15 Nov

Channeling my inner Elsa! psst.. it’s a wig!

I asked you guys to vote and it was unanimous… I am doing  the 30 Days of Holiday Looks Makeup Challenge. I’ll be posting on here, my Instagram (@jobensgirl), and my facebook page. I’ve been making my list (of holiday looks) and checking it twice. OK, more then twice. So far I have come up with 29 out of the 30 looks! I don’t want to give any away by naming or describing any of them, but i wanted to ask you guys what look you want to see. Any particular lip colors? Eye makeup styles? I want to hear from you guys! I am totally open to any suggestions!I I will start posting December 3rd and have my last post on New Years Day (with the color of the year (2016), unless you guys want to see something else! This past year, the color of the year was Marsala. I’m thinking about doing a muted Marsala for the first post, on December 3rd, but I’ll let you guys weigh in on that too. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your comments!


Marsala: Color of the Year: 2015

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30 Days of Makeup Challenge

8 Nov

Source: 30 Days of Makeup Challenge

30 Days of Makeup Challenge

8 Nov
North Carolina Makeup Artist

hello world! time for a vote!

i’m going to do 30 days of makeup on Instagram starting December 2nd and i want to come up with a theme for it. let me know if you want me to post on word press.

SO i want to hold a vote.

1. 30 days of holiday makeup (ranging from very natural to dramatic)


holiday makeup.

2. 30 days of smokey eye makeup (ranging from natural to dramatic)


smokey eye.

3. 30 days of rainbow makeup (i will do a range of analogous to full spectrum which will include muted to true vivid colors)


rainbow makeup.

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