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100 Tasteful Selfies – Final Edition

17 Feb

So the way you see it is how you would see a book laying flat with the cover showing, pages down facing the table. The back is on the left and the front cover on the right. For those of you who haven’t read my previous entries, this is for a book with blank pages. 100 blank pages. Enjoy!



Book Cover Revealed!

8 Feb

Introducing the smashing chap that will go on the front cover of 100 TASTEFUL SELFIES! it’s funny, because there is no such thing as a tasteful selfie. I will be updating you soon on how the final book will look! Stay tuned folks!


Book Cover Inspriation

8 Feb




So I asked my friend who dresses like a gentlemen on a daily basis, to take a selfie of himself. He was shocked that I wasn’t taking the picture. I guess he thought that models shouldn’t be doing any of the work. I told him though, that it was important for him to take the picture because of the title. Then I used a couple of references photos to pull together the final look of the front cover.

Book Cover Ideas cont’

3 Feb




After drawing up 12 ideas, I narrowed it down to four of my favorite ideas(shown above). I ended up choosing the one that I thought would make the best book. The idea is current, original, and striking. If I saw this book in barnes and noble I would pick it up to take a look inside. But to everyone’s surprise, it would be blank!

stay tuned to find out which one I choose. Did you guess right?


Napping… Not just for Babies

1 Feb

Napping... Not just for Babies

This is an infographic that is a part of a campaign I am creating for Napping/Nap Time Co, A company that researches napping and all of its restorative benefits. They also think that you shouldn’t nap too much, because too much of a good thing is never good.