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90s Hip Hop Flyer

11 May

90s Hip Hop Flyer


90’s Hip Hop Dance Party Flyer

8 May

90's Hip Hop Dance Party Flyer

Does this make you want to dance, or what?


90s Hip Hop Party

6 May

90s Hip Hop Party

This is a flyer that I’ve been working on for a client that needs advertisement for a themed 90s Hip Hop Party.


Sunny Bunny package design

2 May

20130501_231308 20130501_231336 20130501_231512 20130501_231524 20130501_231534 20130501_231543 20130501_231554 20130501_231605 20130501_231617 20130501_231630 20130501_231637 20130501_231711Sunny Bunny package design