Sunny Bunny Proposal

4 Mar

Sunny Bunny: Organic Garden

Sunny Bunny is an Organic Food Growing Company that specializes in growing and properly packaging different kinds of vegetables, which include the following: peppers, carrots, kale, and squash. They are packed in a mesh bag with a strip of paper with adhesive that has the Sunny Bunny logo wrapped around it.  Plastics must be avoided because they are not environment friendly and they interfere with the vegetable’s nutrients.  Sunny Bunny has also launched an organic, all natural fruit and vegetable smoothie line.  The smoothies will be sold in glass bottles, rather than from the plastic ones in order to provide for a happier earth.  Deposits for all of the glass bottles will be implemented to encourage those who have purchased to recycle.  All bottles recycled will be cleaned and reused for more Sunny Bunny smoothie products. The sunny (happy) natured look that the Sunny Bunny Logo upholds is one that Sunny Bunny wants to commit too.  People want fresh produce from nature and the logo shows just that: A bunny in nature, basking in the glorious sun.  Sunny Bunny has decided to toss aside the face and just show what is truly important: the food.  Sunny Bunny is glad that we got your attention with a cute little bunny tail and rays of carotene sunshine, but now we would like for you to enjoy them (the vegetables).  A bunny with its back turned (or in this case, headed towards the sunset) is more close to nature then a cartoon bunny.

In most cases, the bunny or other animal character faces you (other two leading competitors have cartoon front facing bunnies).  These cartoons include the Grimmway Farms bunny, (Bunny-Luv) to a more realistic rabbit, such as Bernie from Annie’s Homegrown. For Sunny Bunny, even though it is a line drawing of a bunny it translates to the bunny as being something tangible to real life.  The name “Sunny Bunny” is childlike, but it does not have a childlike mascot.  Still, kid friendly though, because the name Sunny Bunny rhymes and it is always fun to look at how cute a bunny’s fluffy tail is.

Grimmway Farm went with a female bugs bunny essentially.  The colors are simple and from nature. Little kids love the look of it because it’s a cartoon character.  Grimmway Farms is the largest carrot farming company and is still growing.  They practice proper recycle in their growing, shipping, and delivery process.  Annie’s Homegrown has similar beliefs, although with a less corporate vibe to themselves.  Annie’s website is filled with graphs, sayings, and t-shirt slogans that talk all about sustaining the earth and supporting your own health.  Sunny Bunny wants us to enjoy the freshest produce and participate in saving our world one mesh and one glass bottle at a time.

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